Instant slim Without Surgery

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To get a lean body is not easy and requires a long process. While a quick way to get a beautiful body is liposuction or plastic surgery. Many women are hesitant did it for the pain and recovery takes a long time.

Besides surgery there was another way to create a more slender body, using laser technology, Accent Ultra, located in Ultimo Aesthetic Clinic. Technology is the latest medical technology and improve radio frequency technology.

"Previously had a lot of laser technology to streamline the functioning untukk body, tightens skin and removes stains, and Accent Ultra is the latest technology and can answer the issues that shape women often experienced," said dr. Diah Enrina beauty surgeon of Ultimo Aesthetic Clinic.

To do so was quite easy and did not take long. By using radio frequency energy, the layer of the epidermis will be heated. Then the cells will be stimulated to release toxins, drain fluid stored fat and produce new collagen, so skin smooth and elastic.

"The laser will take between 10 to 15 minutes. Depending on the thickness of skin and fat. In the beginning it will feel like a pinched but in time they will only feel warm," said dr. Enrina.

Dr. Enrina also added that Accent Ultra smooth texture of the skin can be overcome cellulite. Strech marks can also be eliminated with these technologies. To get the most needed 3 to 5 treatments 2 weeks apart.

One patient treatments imposed tariffs Rp 1.000.000 - Rp 10.000.000. For the highest price is for the stomach because the thickest layers. After the laser treatment can also direct the patient back on the move. Because it did not take long for recovery after treatment.

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kelirirenk said...

Semakin canggih dunia kecantikan...
semua pake laser... semangat teyus bikin artikel tentang wanita