Beyond Cosmetic danger

Diposkan oleh Bujang Rimbo on Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Because of cosmetics, player series Desperate Housewives, Dana Delany, reportedly suffering from inflammation of the eye. "It's a cosmetic eyelashes so long and look more beautiful, but the result became irritated my eyes," he said.

Beauty tools seem to do no harm. Actually, preservatives and fragrances, which contained a common cause of skin problems. According to the National Women's Health Information Center, in the United States.

Consider these tips for safe cosmetic use:
* Do not dress up in the car. When the driver suddenly braked can cause serious injury, including the possibility of scratching the eyeball.

* Do not share because cosmetics can cause the spread of germs. When tried cosmetics in the store, make sure the tool used, such as brushes or sponges, are new or has been sterilized.

* Keep well. Cover tightly and avoid the heat and sun exposure because antikumannya be damaged.

* Do not wear makeup if the eyes are infected. Consult with your doctor immediately about this condition.

* Dispose of cosmetic devices worn or if the appearance and aroma are changed.

* Do not inhale powder shotgun or spray products can be dangerous because of the lungs


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duta4future said...

thank u for the advice and tips. i will be more careful in using cosmetics next time