Some causes of damaged hair

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In addition to metabolic factors, stress, and hormonal, there are several external factors that create a natural scalp protection disrupted. What are the habits that caused damaged hair fast?

1. "Bleaching"
Bleaching is a part of the process of hair coloring. This is because Asian hair is black can not directly change the color so that our natural hair color must be removed first in order to become more clear.

The process of bleaching high-risk of hair damage. "During bleaching, the hair cuticle will be included chemicals so that the natural pigment of hair missing," says Paradi Mirmirani, dermatologis of The Permanente Medical Group, California, USA. In fact, the protective hair cuticle. As a result, the hair cuticle so that it opens more vulnerable damaged.

2. Waving
Chemicals used in the process of waving, of course, will damage the hair because of the loss in protein amino hair. Such as when the hair-bleaching, the process will also make my natural hair terkikis strength. In addition, any visible hair dull and dry.

3. "Highlight" and the coloring
Hair coloring and highlight the effects do not cause damage, such as when the hair-bleaching. However, not a means does not damage the hair coloring hair. This process also creates a natural structure of hair has changed, other than that if you do not care pascapewarnaan hair, the hair is also dry and broken, broken.

4. "Blowdry" and vice
Steam heat generated by the two instruments is that hydrogen will cause the gum so that the hair damaged hair dry and brittle. If you include user faithful clamp hair dryer and hair, use kondisioner and other hair care products to protect hair.

5. Hair tie
To avoid damage, do not tie the hair too often, especially mengikatnya too fast. In addition, avoid binding the hair in the hair when wet or humid conditions to avoid the condition of the hair broken.

6. Comb
actual events such as the simple hair comb that can damage the hair? This occurs when you comb the hair too often. "Hair is often caused friction will be combed hair over the hair so easily broken," said Mirmirani. However, rarely do not comb the hair is also recommended, as it so easily tousled hair. Thus, a reasonable course.

7. Too often shampoo
Our objective is to wash the hair clean oil from the scalp. However, if done too often, natural hair moisturizer akan terkikis. In fact, hair moisturizer is needed so that the scalp hair is always healthy. Shampoo every day is recommended if your skin tends to be oily head. However, when the hair starts to faint, that means you need to reset the time you shampoo

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