coffee scrub for skin beauty

Diposkan oleh vienka_sweety on Saturday, April 4, 2009

Coffee beans that have been mashed into powder
oil has antioxidants that are sublime, making the skin become more visible and bright white.

Materials, coffee scrub:

- ½ kg of coffee beans bali
- Olive oil
- Powder bengkuang

How to create a coffee scrub:
- Destroy bali coffee beans into fine half.
- Add olive oil and flour bengkuang, and mixed to flat, and ready to use

How the
use a scrub on the entire body of coffee, and rubbed-rubbing slowly. coffee scrubs leave approximately 1 hour in the body so that the absorption of oil in the coffee to absorb the entire body. After that, Rinse with clean water that has been mixed with a little salt.

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