Black tea reduce the risk of heart disease

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To reduce the risk of coronary heart disease is exposed, cancer, diabetes, and similar diseases caused by free radicals, health experts agree that prevention is the best natural. One with the consumption of beverages that contain natural substances that can reduce free radicals, such as black tea.

"It is true that black tea has benefits such as lowering the risk of cancer, coronary heart prevent, prevent penuaan and can also lower the cholesterol level in blood," said the Teacher of Food and Nutrition Institute of Agriculture Bogor (IPB), Prof. Dr. Ali Khomsan MS in Bogor, a new recently.

From various references, it is known that black tea is consumed during this community, a lot of the components of the compound for the body, and the main antioxidants theaflavin is high enough. Compound that has the effect can reduce the risk of disease and prevent cancer coronary heart.

"Tea is made from black tea leaves fresh shoots left wither before digulung, then heated and dried. Tea is also called black tea fermentation," he said.

Specialist heart health, supports H Mohammad Taufik Ali Khomsan opinion. Unfortunately, according to Taufik, the benefits of the drink black tea have not known many people. This is due to lack of dissemination and publication of various research about the benefits of black tea for health.

Some time ago, the National Heart Center Heart Hospital Harapan Kita Jakarta (RSJHK) also explain the results in research talk shows with the theme "Black Tea Effect in Preventing and Overcoming coronary heart disease risk."

According to the results of research, the katekin in black tea, called the compound used as the actors are able to fight disease degeneratif is a compound theaflavin. Compound theaflavin is antioxidants, anti-cancer, anti-mutagenik, anti-diabetes, anti-disease and other.

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