Prevent dry lips and broken

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Lips is one part of the face. Lips that will attract and support the healthy beauty face. Health lips must always be guarded. Problems that generally occur on the lips are dry lips and broken in pieces. This can damage the beauty of the face. Lips broken easily cause hurt and pain. When this condition is not treated, can cause infection in the mouth. For women, broken lips that used to make lipstick does not stick well so that it can disrupt the appearance. Therefore, what causes dry lips and broken in pieces? Then how the prevention of dry lips and broken in pieces?

To be able to overcome the problem, dry lips and broken in pieces, we need to know what causes dry lips and broken in pieces. The causes include the following:

* Air pollution and dust
* Changes in temperature can make your mouth can not adapt so that the broken edge
* Food that is too sour or salty
* Smoking, coffee drinking habits or drinks alcohol
* Lack of consumption of fruit or vegetables
* Poor drinking water white
* Using cosmetics chemical the material too hard or because of allergy to certain cosmetic
* Pasta teeth that contain a lot of detergent
* Lick lips habit with saliva

After knowing the causes of dry lips and broken, we should make prevention so that we do not feel broken lips that can make us less confident. Some ways to prevent dry lips and broken out among others as follows:

* Use lipbalm containing sun screen and moisturizer sun rays is one of the factors cause dry mouth so that the use of sun screen on the lips to be important. So also with a moisturizer is needed to keep the moisture lips awake during a whole day activity.
* Select the appropriate lipstick and moisturizer contains When buying cosmetics, note abortion. Choose cosmetics that contain or lipstick and emollient based and contain natural moisturizer.
* Drink water white when dry lips do not feel the saliva, because saliva in the gland and there is a enzyme that can create irritation in the mouth so that the lips will be dry. Simply use water to drink a glass of white or white-water to wet lips.
* Drink 8 glasses of water every day white
This can prevent the occurrence of dehydration can make the lips become dry.
* Immediately remove the remaining lipstick lipstick remaining before bed can be cleaned using a soft toothbrush and scrub brush lips to lips with a rotating movement for several minutes. Can also use a soft towel to in warm water to clean the mouth.
* The consumption of vegetables and fruits Choose vegetables and fruit that contain vitamin C, B, E and minerals. Water in the mouth also helps the body avoid dehydration. About why the womb and is useful only in the fruit,
* Information lifestyle smoking or drinking alcohol chemical material found on a cigarette can cause a black color on the lips. While alcohol can make dehydration that result in dry mouth.
* Use a lip moisturizer at night before bed addition to using lipsalve the sale, you can use honey as a natural moisturizer that can provide nutrition to the lips.
* Conducting lips using olive oil will help blood circulation to the lips to be smooth so that the mouth remain healthy. You can also use olive oil to make lipbalm on the lips at the time squeeze your mouth.

Know the cause of a problem with dry lips and broken in pieces and how to prevent, the more you will notice a tiny organ in the body you face this. Beautiful face and magnetize into your own.

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