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Surely all know that milk good for health and the formation of bone. than in fresh water, milk is also beneficial for the skin beauty.

Cleopatra beauty queen who was very well have a secret recipe for keeping the skin mildness, it is reported this recipe is still stored in any posts hieroglyph, writing Ancient Egyptian nation. Whereas in the modern world the beauty benefits of milk have been known to keep knowledgeable beauty and skin delicacy.

Well ok let the matter of benefits milk a beauty, a prescription-only try this recipe.

Milk mask
. You can use a mask base material with yoghurt or milk as masks. Reputedly powerful goad to look older and more drive out early in the stain face.
Easy way: Mix 2 tsp vitamin E to a bowl (you can get from a capsule containing vitamin E), add 2 tsp yoghurt, half a teaspoon honey and lemon juice, mixed flat. paste to the entire face and let it sink in 15 minutes safely. wash face with warm water to really clean.

Minify Pori. If you have a problem with a large pore, open, and want to shine skin, the key is the sour cream (sour milk). Milk products are extremely powerful large pore avert a complaint.
How: take sour cream, paste to the face and neck. Wait for 15 minutes and wash clean. Experience the difference. Skin appears more shining is not it?

milk evidently able to reduce skin irritation, relieve red spots, reduce the allergic reaction on the skin and help heal wounds. Skin irritation if exposed or sensitive skin, use only susu sweet or sour cream or buttermik, let alone dry.

Bathroom prepare a cup of milk with added milk IM powder to bath water, believed to be able to provide nutrition and to give softness to the skin. Cleopatra say do not forget to add fresh camel milk for toiletry

Create the desire peel Dead Skin Cells, do the scrubbing process in order to shine the Skin.
To do: put a little salt in boiling water then add four cups milk fat to IM without it. Then soak for 20 minutes away to the water lukewarm, do scrubing with the loofah.

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