Hot Tea Increase Throat Cancer Risk

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Tea is a favorite drink a lot of people. Presence often accompany the food we eat at small food or weight. But do not drink tea while still hot.

A study published the British Medical Journal quoted Health24 and in March 2009 revealed, the person who drinks hot tea has a high risk of throat cancer than those who choose to drink cold.

Oesophagus cancer (where the distribution of food and drink from the throat to the stomach or stomach) is equated with smoking habits and alcohol drinking. Indeed, hot beverages also have the same risk as a result of the destruction layer of tissue in the throat.

Further findings are revealed, the researchers went home to Iran Golestan Province in Iran. This province is one of the places where people with oesophageal cancer is highest in the world. Residents there have a habit to drink hot black tea in large amounts, ie more than one liter per person a day.

The team, led from Reza Malekzadeh Digestive Disease Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences considers practices that have been 300 people diagnosed throat tumor and other groups of 571 healthy people who live in the same area.

Study Results

They drink the tea hot (temperature of 65-69 degrees Celsius) have twice the risk of the emergence of throat cancer than those who drink the tea hot (temperatures less than 65 degrees Celsius). Meanwhile, the tea is very hot (above 70 degrees Celsius) increase the risk of throat cancer up to eight times.

Editorial in The Lancet said that the research is based on the evidence that the fluid is too hot causes damage to epithelial lining in the throat and trigger the emergence of cancer, even though how it can happen, not clear properly. It is said also, there is no need to panic or invite feared for their regular drinking hot tea.

In previous studies in the UK said, to reduce the risk of throat cancer, drink tea with an average temperature of 56-60 degrees Celsius. Way, wait about four minutes the tea that you have cooked with boiling water before drinking

The study revealed no relationship between the amount of tea drinking and cancer risk. The scope of the research itself does not include coffee and other hot drinks.

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