eyes shining so bright

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Bright Eyes shines

Eyes that have a shimmer and highlight the sharp, so always longed for each women. The expressive eyes and shining beautiful have great charm.

However, due to busy schedule of dense, less sleep, and dehydration can reduce highlight the beauty of your eyes. The glassy eyes, or even have a problem is not the most desired by all people, such as the emergence of wrinkle around the eyes, dark circles, bags to the eyes, can affect the confidence.

make eye MORE LIFE!

Following two recipes to maximize the right eye that looks tired so bright and shining again!

1. White Eyeliner

In fact, need not be bothered to paint your tired eyes with different colors to appear more shining. Enough with the minimal colors, beautiful eyes stare directly. To get the trappings of a light and fresh, first save your black eyeliner. Tricks of the latest is with you a cosmetic eyeliner highlighted the white line down right in the eye. Bubuhkan little perona white eyes in the second corner of the eye in part. This trick will make the eyes look more wide in a flash.

2. Mascara

Never skip this one product. Use mascara after pinch eyelash. use mascara from base to the tip of the cilia. Repeat up to three times to get the lash of a thick, long, and beautiful. So that the mascara does not clot, separate clump brush with lash comb the eyebrow. To be the maximum, do not forget any application to thin lash down.

Back at the Beautiful Eyes glasses

No need to replace your glasses with contact lenses to appear memesona. Glasses and the right trappings can make eyes look more beautiful & expressive.


If your glasses are a formal model to make an impression as a professional brown glasses frames, the trappings nuances according to the natural beauty of the show. use eyeliner the color brown eyes that shimmer on the lid along. Use eyeliner only on the corner of the eye so that the fixed form, but not excessive for the trappings in the morning.


* At the corner of the eye always use the land as brown color to the black, so that the eyes appear to be more melancholic form.

* Trappings dimension must always make the eyes. How, characterize trappings combine matte and shimmer.

* Always a beautiful and cilia use mascara to make eyes seems to open up and more.

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Pricella said...

Great tips on eyes!!
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