some foods that can make you a well-preserved

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some foods that can make you a well-preserved of them is

Red rice

Appropriate name of this really red, and if the rice is cooked in red. Because of the red rice with ari rich fiber that can help prevent obesity, lower blood pressure, and prevent plaque on blood vessel so that the lower the risk of exposure and coronary heart disease stroke. As a source of complex carbohydrate, rice is not raising blood sugar quickly, so that they both consumed with diabetes. Rice also contains Vitamin B5 that is anti-stress and selenium are antioxidants.


onion have antibiotics that can help destroy viruses, fungi, and bacteria in the gut. In addition, the onion family can help lower blood sugar and blood pressure. Thus, the risk of heart disease also affected a little. Gynecology salisilat acid helps prevent wrinkle-wrinkle and wrinkles in the face

Sun Flower Oil

Not including the oil saturated this can help strengthen the nerves and mind power. In addition, this oil also makes the vitamins in fruits and vegetables useful for metabolism. Gynecology vitamin E in the oil is able to fight free radicals cause to older more early

Sea Fish
Gynecology Omega 3 from fish is a good fat is good for blood vessel health because it can improve blood circulation. That is not less important, Omega 3 is also required for the formation of new cells and can make the skin appear bright. Therefore, the fish consume 3x / week, such as the suggestion of experts, no need to buy anti-wrinkle creams that are quite expensive.


Vegetables are often present in this famous soup rich vitamin A and betakaroten - a compound in the body changed into Vitamin A. Reputedly, the second compound can make the skin remains kenacng and help enrich the hair and nails. In addition, this vitamin is also good for eye health.

This tropical fruit contain good fat, which is rich in saturated fat is not singular, that is rich in saturated fat is not singular, which is believed to lower cholesterol "bad" LDL cholesterol and raise "good" HDL. Avokad also rich in potassium which dapau balance blood pressure. In addition biotinnya womb can prevent kerontokan hair. Fruit also has glutation (antioxidants) that may prevent cell damage as the cause of older more visible early

Yoghurt & cheese

milk product that it contains acid bacteria lactobacillus acidophilus which is good for stomach and intestinal digestion. Yoghurt and cheese is also a source of protein that can help the formation of cells and help burn fat. However, when problems with the cholesterol level, choose a low fat yoghurt.

Green Tea
Gynecology Katekin on green tea which is very high to make this tea have antioxidants that can make a well-preserved. uterus vitamins C and E will help improve the skin damage due to ultraviolet rays and radiation plays an important role in increasing the body resistance, avoidance of fat oxidation that result in increase in cholesterol content. Tea also contains vitamins that can strengthen the nerves.

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