benefits of the cone-shaped leaves (manfaat daun kecubung )

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Cone-shaped leaves that have many treatment benefits. Clear that, just as foreign drugs. What?

1. Rheumatism
Provide 14 cone-shaped pieces of fresh leaves, and cut and dry in the sun. When dry, add 10 tablespoon coconut oil. Save for 3 days, then separate the oil. After that, warm. this cone-shaped oil and then rub on the affected rheumatism.

2. Blain
Take 5 pieces of cone-shaped leaves, and cut
and destroy fine. After that, the cone-shaped powder paste on the boil so quickly cooked.

3. Lumbago
Take a sheet of 10 cone-shaped leaves, and destroy
with whiting until smooth. Paste in the waist the sick. Perform routine 2 - 3 times a day to return to normal length.

4. Child Ear inflammation
Provide 10 pieces of cone-shaped leaves and 2 tbs of coconut oil. Wash clean cone-shaped leaves, then Giling fine. mixed leaves with a rolling coconut oil that has been heated. capture essence Next, drops oil on the sick child's ear. Do 2 times a day, each 5 drops.

5. Furfur
7 Prepare the cone-shaped pieces of dry leaves and 5 tbs of coconut oil. Enter a cone-shaped leaves and coconut oil into the bottle, and close. dry under the blazing sun for a week. Next, paste on the scalp as much as 2 times a day, morning and afternoon. Can be repeated several days until the dandruff disappear.

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