Ovalis fungi, bacteria destroyer Beautiful Hair

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Hair, crown of pride womanhood. man certainly involved in a romantic atmosphere at your pet's hair is its natural beauty awake.

Did you know what the cause of women's hair more often metropolitan damaged hair? According to the Marketing & Communication Supervisor Johnny Andrean, Osmond Kitrana, damaged hair, such as fork, dry, dandruff and grow experienced by women who lazy to clean and treat the hair, especially women living in urban areas.

According to him, the hair becomes vulnerable ovalis fungi, bacteria that can be very easy to stick to the skin and cause dandruff grow riot. The causes appear, among others, humid air, smoke vehicle pollution, high stress, high productivity and excess oil on the scalp.

Mushroom ovalis bacteria that is easily embedded in the skin of the head. If the condition of the head and hair clean and we are not oily, this bacteria will easily stick to. Hair is finally growing furfur also itch, "said Osmond when found after the event" A Treatment Series "in Jhonny Andrean Salon in Grand Indonesia West Mall Floor 1, Jakarta, recently.

Osmond reminded, should maintain the beauty of a woman with hair care and routine care. For the problem of hair fork, the best solution is creambath with bamboo fiber rich nutrition. For the problematic result hair coloring, Osmond creambath to recommend treatment with products containing ingredients hibiscus, is able to provide food for the hair color.

"Just know that I actually not only aloe vera and avocado is good for hair care? Fiber bamboo and hibiscus have the property that was great. Then, to finish the hair, you can do smoothing treatment that has a mineral content and oxygen

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