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Caparison nail art is not only limited in colors of bright light nan only. There are some creative ideas to decorate your nails while you dig creativity.

A very stylish attention will never pass on even the smallest detail. Just imagine if a woman who has been dressed with a very elegant with their shoes full of beautiful finger nails, but they look very bad, really a disaster. However, beautiful nails should not mean that the long nails, but nails should be kept with the perfect nail care nail as a beautiful show personalitas the bait.

Caparison nail art and nail care enjoy their important position in the beauty business, while more and more women are increasingly aware of the importance of beauty treatments themselves. Now, we can easily find many types of nail design creative nail to make us more beautiful. Leave colors coquettish blue or red cinder casually. Now it's time to create a touch of style with a difference!

Ide-Ide's fun to decorate Nail Care

- Man in the Snow You Nail Care

First, you have to paint your nails with the color blue. With white paint nails, make a big circle on the blue paint that has dried. Create a circle as if it exceeds the limit under your nails. with the same white paint, make a circle with a smaller size at the top of the circle. This circle will be the head man snow. Let the paint dry white nails perfect. Then you need to paint the nails black paint box in the corner of a small human head is snow. add a thin line below the box. Be a hat. Then, add two small dots as the human eye and snow in some small point curve to form mouth.

Use orange paint for nail nose. Create a triangle for the long thin nose. When everything is dry, use red nail paint to create a thin line under the head. Pertebal line until meluntur down. This shows the red scarf of the snow man. The next step, you can paint for holi man snow. Use a toothpick and add three dots at the top of a small green hat. Use a clean toothpick and other celupkan to paint nails in white. Create a lot of white dots on the blue background on your nails. Be human snow with snowflake that fell.

- Give your Sun in Nail Care

To create this design, you only need two colors that contrast to applied to the top of your nails. Give a red base color to your nails. When paint is dry, you can use the bright yellow color and pattern to create mengilap sun. With the help of a quality brush, half circle in the image above basic nail color. If the yellow does not look too bright, let him dry out, then add the next layer.

Then, you must add the sun. To create this painting dots on the smaller half-circle around it. relationship dots and while you do so, they form around the sun so that they look like the sun.

Caparison nail art is the art of clear and light will once more make your nails beautiful and attract attention. This is the time you paint your nails with the colors of the rich to flaunt your glamorous side. Use creative ideas and Dig your imagination to get the new ideas the more incredible. Have fun!

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