"Beyonce" Shopping Rp129 million in 20 Minutes

Diposkan oleh vienka_sweety on Monday, March 23, 2009

Affairs of expensive goods, the Hollywood actress is the winner. Even though he said current global recession, they do not reduce the channel is a hobby.

In world affairs drag voice, Beyonce Knowles achievement need not doubt. How in the fashion business? Wife of Jay-Z did not want this behind fashion trends because the more frequently update the appearance modis and fashionable.

Like Katie Holmes, he was willing to pay that is not small. According to a report in the New York Post Female first it "Crazy in Love" is the 7600 or Pounds Sterling worth Rp129 million in 20 minutes during the visit to the boutique Bowery, New York, owned by famed designer fashion at once Playground film "Sex and the City," Patricia Field.

While in the boutique, it was seen buying a bra with black diamonds sowing. Maybe this bra will become one of the supporting appearance while on the stage or only when used together with intimate beloved husband.

It appears that removing the funds for big business that it's not difficult for Hollywood celebrities. (ftr)

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