Eliminate Tired with the Hot Stone Massage

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SKIN dull and not bright face of fact not only caused by errors of treatment, but also by stress and fatigue. Two conditions that can eliminate rays beauty. To overcome the stress and exhaustion, you can try hot stone massage. Treatment is not only to create musculature relaks your back, your heart but also quiet.

In the world of beauty, a stone used as mediators in health and peace of the soul. The stone used is not the stone markets. Stones used are basalt stones that come from volcanoes. Batunya pied, among others, dark black, light black, dark gray and light gray. The benefits of this stone is a heat energy longer.

This is the stone used in hot stone massage. "Hot stone massage is a mix between massage techniques such as yoga, massage ayuverda, Chi is vital energy in the body, meditation and shiatsu from the Swedish a focus on respiratory and gentle massage with it," said Dian Mustika Dewi, Public Relations of Style Spa.

Initially the patient to enjoy the foot bath. After that, the basalt stones heated in water. Then the stone placed on the 7 point or Reiki cakra in the body. Point for discus, placed a stone on the bottom and top of the navel, below the heart area, heart area, clavikula, and in the middle of the forehead. Meanwhile, at the point Reiki, stone placed on the heart area, clavikula, nose, and in the middle of the forehead.

"For Reiki, useful for digestion in the body and aura. The starting point for useful discus energy, emotion and digestion. And the second point is useful to remove the negative energy and positive energy to enter," explained.

Why the stone must be heated? Because of the warm stones will be to balance the functions of dots and Reiki cakra in the body, so that patients feel better and relaks. "Level hot or warm stone resilience depends on the taste or the patient. If the heat is still felt in the patient's body, usually therapeutist will be cooled with a towel," Dian row.

Basalt stone is also used as a massage tool. After Olive oil be smeared on the body, a warm stone is used to massage with a particular emphasis on the entire body. Thus, the blend of warmth and pressure of the hard rock feel very effectively accommodate this treatment, the patient will feel more relaks. Pain in the body-sore after doing the activities to be more roomy, quiet, "said Dian.

Will be better if the hot stone massage is conducted once in two weeks for two months. Length of treatment time is 60 minutes. This treatment has no side effects and can be run by anyone who is aged above 20 years.

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