Choosing the Good Fruit and Fresh

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fans of the fruit, choose fruit that sometimes it's easy to be easy-difficult. Unless you have a garden of fruit or buy from local farmers at the market who usually sell fruit "cooked perfectly" and still fresh. However, for the living in urban areas, a fruit to be the only option that is easy. The problem is, these shops provide fruit dipasok from that far. Can be imported or sent from rural areas. Although in the delivery of fruit from that far. Can be imported or sent from rural areas. Although in the delivery of fruit is protected with a hard material that is not damaged, while at the destination there is no guarantee of fruit remains in perfect condition and no defects.

Following guidelines to select the fruit in the fruit shop:


Fruit should be hard pressed if bitten and restless time. If you can hit the surface of the fruit with the fingers, this landmark will be disappointing if it's eaten. This may be the fruit can only survive for a few sunday in the refrigerator.


This fruit should be yellow or green instead of brown. Types of fruit including bananas are cooked quickly. So, choose a still half-baked. Contrary to the popular belief, you can store them in refrigerator after the fruit is ripe. Skin color may be changed into darkness. But in, it's still tasty.


The fruit is usually sold in a hard enough on the surface may be very ripe. But do not correct, some not until cooked. store the fruit for several days at room temperature have. When choosing, avoiding the melon is soft skin.


Fruits in this condition is still fresh when integrates with the stalk. Buy wine that still stick to the stalk of the green. Do not choose a fruit wine lined and flabby. That indicates the fruit is almost rotten. Fruit is quoted in the cooking. So, enter directly into the refrigerator after purchase or after some time memetiknya.


The fruit is ripe with good overall. But the process takes place slowly. So, buy kiwi a week before you use it. Choose fruit that fat and dense, but do not be too strong.

The fruit has an exceptional quality of care. Usually quoted at orange already cooked. Choose fruit that is not soft and smooth-faced. Skin color does not guarantee it will. The fruit is small to moderate usually feels more sweet than the larger. Save orange in a cool place and this will stand up to some sunday.


Fruit is reasonable in the circumstances when the purchase is still hard. Citrus will mature quickly if you put in the kitchen. When pressed feels a bit soft, it's time you move this to the refrigerator or directly presented.


The key to maintaining not waiting until it's too ripe to eat. Select a pineapple fruit bright yellow, not too hard, and of sweet. Choose a fat and weight. Avoid the color fade, faded to brown or dry, especially visible in the entire section.


To select this fruit, tap your finger on the fruit. If you hear echo, it is the best fruit. Play melon until you find the former tangkainya point. If colored colors, watermelon has really matured. If white means not yet mature. Once cut, the remaining fruit should be included refrigerator and can be eaten in several days.

With a few tips that we provide the above, we hope that you can choose the perfect fruit, and buy fruit that does not decay and disability.

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