Fruit SPA can do at home

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Spa fruit do not necessarily need to spa center, you can also do it yourself at home. Do not hard, just follow the tips below.t


Want to feel the warm sensation on the skin of wine? Easy. Purchase one bottle of red wine with low alcohol content. Do not forget to enter the powder scrubs, masks, aromatherapy oil and wine in your shopping list. If you want to get the atmosphere rileks style spa, turn on candles of wine to help you find tranquility. Mix wine little by little powder on the scrubs and masks until they become a thick dough (a little more liquid to be smeared mask so easy).

After that, add a few drops of aromatherapy oil. First, the application on the skin scrub, right up to leave skin feeling warm, then scrub and massage gently. Once complete, the application using a mask brush and leave for 15-20 minutes, and lift the mask with warm towels and spa Rinse with warm water in the wine has been mixed.


When vinotherapy use wine, use fruitherapy fruits. You can adjust the type of fruit as needed. For example, to create more fresh skin shining, you can use the pineapple that contains lots of Vitamin C and bromelain, which works to make skin bright. Do, prepare 8 oz pineapple ago mixed with 1 / 3 cup granulated sugar to form dough.
Wipe slowly to the body, and Rinse to clean. To refine the skin look dull and rough, you can use the peach fruit that is rich vitamins and minerals. How, haluskan 4 oz canned peach fruit. Mixed with 1 oz heavy cream, 2 tbs honey, and havernut to make the dough. Soft scrub to the body and leave for 5 minutes

Then Rinse clean and bathe as usual. Well, when you disrupt the pimple, using the mean time tomato. Any practical way, simply destroy the two blender with the tomatoes, take water, then use the extract as a mask, had a red blotch will peter out more quickly without the former black. Do once a week.

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