Are you Know various types of diabetes ?

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Still discussing about diabetes, many people do not know about the various types of diabetes. There are three different types and they are Type 1 (children with diabetes)Type 2 (adult diabetes) and Gestational diabetes. The third type of diabetes and will have all the symptoms of diabetes, but each has a different time in which it will appear in development.

Type 2 diabetes is likely always associated with being overweight. We do not know exactly what triggers this type of diabetes, but it occurs when insulin is lower and less effective and consequently began to build the sugar in the blood. The medical term for this is insulin resistance. Type of diabetes is most often found in adults, and today is a very common medical condition. 1 of 90 people who are assumed to have type 2 diabetes, and even more commonly found in adults, more and more are found in the younger generation.

Insulin resistance is when the insulin produced by your body fails to regulate sugar levels in your blod. You'll find this is called "beta cell failure". Think you might have this? Symptoms are still increasing blood pressure, joint pain from gout, steady increase in blood fat levels which can cause heart problems more severe.

Most of these symptoms are common to all three types of diabetes, the patient will feel very thirsty and frequent urination, will feel tired all the time, would suddenly lose weight (although weight loss will not be too pronounced), a infection and skin irritation are very common.

What should you do if you think you may have this disease? First of all, visiting a doctor. Then you should take a serious look at your diet. You should make sure that you do not consume too much, or too little sugar. You also need to add fiber to your diet, and eliminate fat. If you are shown to have type 2 diabetes, you must set your blood sugar levels and inject themselves with insulin if necessary. Another advice is to get the number of emergency physicians incases.


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lover said...

memang sampai saat ini masih banyak yang bingung tentang diabetes.
ibuku dan nenekku juga kena penyakit diabetes.
gak tahu apa diabetes termasuk penyakit keturunan?

beauty and healty tips said...

ada yang bilang sih seperti itu lover :D, coba baca artikel sebelumnya yang ini di sini ada faktor faktor kenapa bisa diabetes ^_^, semoga bermanfaat ya