when you dispose of cosmetics

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Cosmetics are so often women to appear more captivating. There are collections that have very many, up to a lot of products that is rarely used. Not even a few of them that are not diligent enough to use it so casually stored cosmetics. Cosmetics, such as food, has an 'age' of the past if no longer safe to use.

Unfortunately, most cosmetic products do not include the period expires, as there is in food packaging. Then when the time for us to remove the dangerous cosmetics skin health?
- Foundation (base powder) and the Concealer (blur cover)

Both products directly infiltrate into the skin. Change the regular six months, or if the clot and start baunya changed.

- Make-up eyes

Discard eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and if it is the age of one year. Even if the liquid form, change every six months.

- Mascara

Should penebal cilia is replaced once every three months even though you do not use it often. So if any cause, you should not use this again because the lump in the attached lash look akan damage. To be more durable, too often avoid mascara with a whip handle sikatnya, as this is to enter the air in the product and mascara dry quickly.

- Lipstick

If your lipstick over the age of two years, Remove immediately. And when you see dots of water in your trunk lipstick, immediately dispose of. That lipstick color and shape has changed should not be used again.

- Powder Tabur

Tabur powder if you are already a clump, it is a sign that you should buy a new one.

- Blush on

Perona cheek this should be replaced every year. However, if the cause is, or baunya color has changed, should be replaced immediately.

- Cat nail

Cat nail the cause is no longer feasible to use. Storing paint nail in the refrigerator will not extend the age and quality. Generally, paint nails can survive up to 12 months. But this depends on the quality of the product and how often you use it.

try to check your cosmetics, whether it's time removed?

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