Hollywood artists be difficult to boyfriend

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Artists can be considered beautiful, have a brilliant career, plus famous. However, all is not consistent with the life of love.

Jennifer Aniston, Geri Halliwel, and Britney Spears for example. They pair have been changed several times, but that no longer survive. After failing several times, as if they no longer be with their own status is.

1. Jennifer Aniston

When Jennifer Aniston marrying Brad Pitt in 2000, many are jealous. Beautiful Aniston, Pitt stacked. Both are in the midst of triumph each time it. Aniston is known mainly through the role of Rachel Green in the series Friends.

However, the seemingly ideal couple is not survive long. After enduring five years, must give way to Aniston. Pitt is obsessed by beautiful sexy lips Angelina Jolie when they play in the same film. After the divorce from Aniston, Pitt Jolie chose to live with and to three biological children.

Megrim injured by Pitt and Jolie that show intimacy in front of the media, Aniston explore other men desire. The choice fell to Vince Vaughn is so opponents play in the film The Break Up. "He brought my life back. I can breathe and laugh loose," said Aniston is tense. Unfortunately, both romantisme survive only one year.

Aniston alone long enough to meet with John Mayer is nine years younger. But, the desire of both different. In the age to 40, Aniston want to have a family soon. However, Mayer did not concur. As a result, the relationship as both of them in the street.

"My biological clock starts running. I do not regret a family while still with Pitt. But anyone who thinks they can survive long mean to put too high expectations," he said as quoted in Vogue magazine in 2008.

Aniston is currently not inform too dizzy with it. One colleague said that during this sejatinya Aniston Pitt want to find a replacement. "He (Aniston, Red) tries to find whole-hearted man and husband of Pitt. But now he realized that Pitt is not replaceable," said colleague is quoted as magazine OK!.

2. Gerri Halliwel

Halliwell experienced similar things. Some time ago he decided the bride, Fabrizio Politti, after two months of the wedding plans. The reason, he is not the type person who is involved in a marriage bond. Only, a former member of the Spice Girls already have a daughter, Bluebell,'s boyfriend earlier, Ivan "Flipz" Velez.

3. Britney Spears

Mutually pair also experienced Spears. Previously, he had been the ideal when paired with Justin Timberlake. Equally young and talented. Both were perfect when seen together. However, without clear reasons, the two separated in 2002. Each claim to sad and dejected, but did not explain the reason.

Apart from Justin, Spears life, such as uncontrollable. He had married during the 55 minutes play with a friend, Jason Alexander, in Las Vegas in 2004, then switch to hug Kevin Federline. Dancers that finally gives the two children for Spears, Sean Preston and that is Jayden James.

Again, both are separated. "I think, because I married the wrong reasons. I do not follow conscience. I do so because the views about the wedding," said women's 27 years.

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