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MonaVie has a great amount of pride and a history to go along with it. MonaVie was founded in Utah by Dillin Larson in 2005. Larson has a fascination with the acai berry and how it could benefit overall health. This company held the same two goals then that it does now. The company focused on selling healthy products and to help the world with the M.O.R.E Project. MonaVie found a way to utilize the acai berry while helping to conserve the rain forest.

Larson believed in using representatives to sell and distribute face to face. This was considered to be much better than any form of generic advertising in order for people to really catch on to the products of MonaVie. MonaVie could really show its quality by having people who love it be the ones to represent it. When a sale is personal it is more likely o be successful. This is also a great way to show the commitment and quality of a company.

MonaVie was able to see first hand how quick the rainforests were being destroyed. They happened up on this because their main ingredient was the acai berry. Thousands of acres were being destroyed for lumber. This is where the M.O.R.E. Project got started. MonaVie set out to save the rain forests. This same project continues up to the present time.

MonaVie has accomplished a lot due to their person-to-person distribution. It shows that a great product will sell itself and speak for itself as well. MonaVie has never needed a lot of hype to be a big success. MonaVie has accomplished many things not only as a business, but also for many people.

MonaVie is known for its ability as a company to help people’s health and financial situations. So many other companies are cold and impersonal. MonaVie does not fall into the usual scenario of someone seeing a product on T.V. They then go out to buy the product from staff that can’t answer questions because they do not really know the product. MonaVie knows because they use the product first hand.

With MonaVie you can count on great products and a company that will back you. This is fro consumers as well as distributors. You will have a very difficult time finding a company that surpasses the personal service and quality of MonaVie. It really is a very unique company.

To know about the latest on MonaVie and The MORE Project, click here.

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