Happy birthday! Ten years old!

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When viagra was just a gleam in its Daddy's eye, no-one expected the extraordinary effect of its coming into this world. Not that this was the coming of the Antichrist or anything bad. In fact, it's been quite the reverse with suffering men suddenly restored to the full power of their youth - as young gods, they date and enjoy life to the full all over again. So to celebrate the tenth birthday of this revolutionary pill, it's time to let our hair down and have some fun. Here are some of the latest stories, ripped from the headlines and designed to raise a smile.

We're going to start off in South Carolina. It's the night before Halloween so, to put yourself in the mood as a sixty-six year old deputy assistant attorney general, you pack your car with sex toys and those little blue pills, pick up an eighteen year old stripper and head for the cemetery to celebrate whatever it is you celebrate on the night before Halloween. Presumably, he was just starting to practise those ghostly groans when the police cruisers surrounded his car. Apparently, the local residents were tired of sex between the gravestones and had persuaded the police to mount guard. Little did they expect to catch this leading Republican at his wiccan best. The humor lies in the man's name. Have you noticed how often the letters "r" and "n" often look like an "m". Well this guy needed pills as he was Corning, but ended up going into police custody before he was done.

Now we're off to Miami International Airport. You have to imagine this is a slow day. The guys at customs have had little to do. And then there are these, like, strange boxes weighing in at fifty pounds. So because they are bored, they decide to have a look see and find each box full of pills. The color is blue and there's that magic mark suggesting they have found a lifetime supply of happy sex and don't need to buy viagra anymore. For those of you interested in the details, fifty pounds translates into 21,600 pills - that's enough to keep you going for 59 years assuming one pill per night. Except, when these pills were tested, they turned out fake. We must assume the testing was undertaken by trained operatives who can tell a counterfeit when they see it. Armed with this information, they are now using the address on the packaging to track down the intended recipient. Will he turn out to be an innocent victim or a distributor with criminal intentions? Who knows, who knows.

So there you have it - a small celebration of viagra's birthday. The little blue pill that revolutionized sexual healing in ways that Marvin Gaye could not have imagined. So, as most men discovered, "Just one pill, that's all it took, yeh!" for those of you old enough to remember The Hollies.

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