Help Your Family Member from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Diposkan oleh Bujang Rimbo on Saturday, January 2, 2010

Drug and alcohol addiction casts a shadow to so many people nowadays. Not only the individual, but most cases it brings the pain also to the family having an addict in them. Some of these families are trying to seal off the problem from the society because of the shame. This is not a good way, actually to solve the stressing problem with the addict.

Basically, drug and alcohol addiction is a mental, thus bring the problem into surface and seek for a professional help is the best way out. The Addiction Treatment that will be conducted to help the addict is mental based; since they are believe that the addiction is caused by emotional problem that is seeded from a past trauma. Thus, it is important to be gregarious for the sake of the addict. The solitary behavior that is shown by the family will have a greater bad effect to the addict since it is already proven in so many Drug Rehab Centers that this will bring more guilt and shame to the addict that will obstruct the process of the Drug Treatment. The role of the family is later also important in the next treatment of the addict involving changing the behaviors and building self-esteem.

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