Sleep Comfortably While Pregnant

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Is a challenge to sleep with a belly bulge. When you find a comfortable enough position to support the spine, pelvis, up the calves, but soon you feel the urge to urinate. It feels awkward to determine the position ternyaman. Here are tips for you to try to get to sleep more soundly and comfortably during pregnancy.

Create a kind of "nest" comfortable for the baby inside your stomach. Add a thin pillow under your hips or thighs, and another one under the breasts to provide support and contribution in your stomach. It can take up more space in bed, but if it can help you more comfortable, why not?

Mild exercise
Moderate exercise and low impact in the daytime will train forces and release the energy needed to fall asleep easier and sleep at night.

Bath before bed will make the body senses as well as quieter joints, so that helps you fall asleep easier.

Prenatal massage
Massage during pregnancy is done by specialized professional massage can help you get a good sleep and comfortable. A good massage can help relieve stress, helps relaxation, help circulation, and overcome the pain in the back, also pains in the pelvis.

Cozy pajamas
Climbed into bed, wearing elastic pants uncomfortable? Try to invest in nightwear satin or silk that can close the body and provide comfort during sleep. Feeling pampered and comfortable will allow you to fall asleep.

Midnight snack
If you wake up in the middle of the night with a hungry stomach, do not hesitate to take a snack. You and your baby need any extra calories from healthy snacks in the evening. It could be that you need to go back to sleep.

Special pillow pregnant women
Restlessness or trouble sleeping is a problem for you and your partner to get a sound sleep. In order to assist sleep, pregnant women usually need an unusual position for him to rest, unencumbered baby in her belly. Try using a special pillow size pregnant women who long to help support the body, stomach, and pillows.

Warm milk
A glass of warm milk can help a person to sleep soundly. Warm milk contains amino acid tryptophan, which is known to have sedative effects. Milk is also good to drink after dinner by pregnant women to relieve the heat in the stomach.

Bedtime routine
Not only small children who find a good effect of the routine before bed, pregnant women can also get it. Try to make the bedtime ritual, and note the schedule. When it was time to sleep, no more trying to tamper with the work, or trying to arrange for your child's room. Clean yourself, wear comfortable clothes, turn off the light, calm mind, then sleep.

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