Oxygen Facial can make your face bright

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Spread make up the stick too long in the skin cause the skin to dry quickly. The skin does not get clean air to breathe free.

The body of oxygen needed to restore one of the face skin. Regeneration of normal facial skin to make more fresh, bright, and ageless.

This benefit is believed by experts right up to the beauty of oxygen to be the choice for beauty treatments. The form of facial oxygen.

"With facial oxygen, all the dull and dry skin can be overcame, so bright, such as re-born again," says beautician specialist beautyworld Puspita Martha, Endah Wulanningrum after the event "Seminar and Golden Facial Oxygen Facial with Nanotechnology" in Puspita Martha Wahid Hasyim, Jakarta , recently.

Compound O2 (oxygen) in a given skin surface application face is perfect in muddy conditions due to the skin often associated with chemical substances, such as pollution and make up.

"Tools such as high oxygen is able to bring nano mineral water, serum, and oxygen to the skin in the face with a more optimal," added Endah.

For optimal results, oxygen facial treatments should be done three weeks.
if you are in Indonesia Prepare budget is only Rp500.000 for a facial oxygen treatment in order to get back face brightness and beauty

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