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PLANNING married in 2009? If yes, then the wedding can be an exotic your choice. These trends are offered throughout the world and interpreted in various nuances.

Have a variety of exotic sense, but often refer to something that is unique, not common. Feel like it is a reference for international trends in wedding in 2009. Do not think the first wedding in the middle of forest ala Tarzan and Jane. Exotic wedding here is related to all things contemporary, but combined differently so that the new style.

Nina Callaway, nanny rubric www.about.com wedding on the site, said, exotic wedding trend is already visible since 2 years ago. Only, not yet been the conceptual. "People want the urban something different, especially at a wedding reception. They want the things that always in mind. That is a basis of the birth of this trend," he said

Furthermore, Callaway said, the embodiment of exotic wedding can vary. For example, the selection of color, wedding dress, or even wedding decorations. "They do not want to throw a party more glamorous. Simple but full of meaning that the option is deemed appropriate at this time," a Callaway.

It was realized from the party simple. Installation art with a lot of interest is considered waste. Conversely, placement of flower arrangements with candles on the tables and guests at certain places to be something romantic, and intimate. So also with the wedding cake is beautifully designed but not excessive.

"Simple but special is the right expression to describe an exotic wedding," he said.

Then how to formulate an exotic wedding? However, in the wedding is a great need to formulate a clear day. There are many things that need to be a small concern, other than the big things that are the main focus.

Callaway said, the first step begins with a set date. Furthermore, the pair must be the task of each share, about the detail of how weddings should be. "Make a journal is the next step for couples who want to formulate their own weddings. Journal that will be the bonus in the future, can even become a heritage for the sweet children and grandchildren," said Callaway.

A more contemporary way is to make the electronic journals on a website. This fact has been made throughout 2008. With this electronic journal, relatives and friends can monitor the extent to which marriage preparation has been done. They can also provide inputs directly, the pair can announce what assistance they need. Practical and certainly more economical.

The withdrawal journal wedding, the website can also load your trip before marriage. Story when you first meet, together, finally decided to get married. Similarly with your photos and the pair. Psst, journals such as this can also become a source of income when in fact traffic is quite dense. You can work with producers to advertise at your wedding site.

Formulate a wedding in the beginning of the struggle can be heavy. Mainly related to the rental of buildings or hotels. Alternatively, hold a garden party. Small indeed, but it is limited lingkupnya make your party more kinship. You do not need to "display" during the long hours. At the garden party, the pair can be more relaxed and guests gathered together. Only, make sure that the previous first area and the number of front gardens. Do not party to that casual should not be restrained due to the membeludak guests.

This also applies to food. For casual parties, select the menu simple but filling. Rather than place a long buffet table, it is better to provide a variety of booth "jajanan", where guests can bergerilya find food they like.

Location checks, some checks, and how about the decor? Exotic wedding reception decorations certainly requires governance that is not normal. Try to discuss with you the Playground and building decoration. When they give flexibility, you can be free to create. Remove the idea in the head and have a good time with your imagination and fantasy since the first small.

Do you want a fairy tale wedding ala Cinderella and Snow? Or you just want to do something different? Options in your hand, but the previously discussed first with the spouse and family.

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