Dayak Ikat Woven Fashionable Show

Diposkan oleh vienka_sweety on Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Uke Toegimin colorific exhibition "Creative Crafts Products Indonesia" with a touch of international taste to the traditional woven fabric strap Dayak. Young servant guaranteed not be visible when the old fashion wear

The origin of West Kalimantan this line shows the simple design nan casual play with a lot of roots and wood motif, the symbol of fertility Dayak tribe. Design specifically for the young servant market.

Woven fabric strap Dayak have interesting stories of the author . They usually express feelings in a poem or lyric and sung while weaving the fabric with the tool gedo. I know now, that's very unique, "said Uke time in the exhibition" Creative Crafts Products Indonesia "in Hall B Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Wednesday (18/3/2009).

Uke hope, wealth tribe Dayak ethnic culture can be up to the surface. On the other hand also give impetus to the area of tissue so that the activities of livelihood, is not simply a change in leisure time. Thus, this activity can be done more optimally.

"The day I sad to see young people begin to leave the culture of the ancestors. In fact, woven fabric strap Dayak also appear fashionable. I own them with a silk material tafeta and modis remain so for young people," his him.

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